Is a Boat Elevator Right for Your Property in Panama City, FL?

Boat Elevator Panama City FLYou may love the freedom, adventure, and relaxation that owning a boat provides, but that doesn’t mean you need to love the constant maintenance and care that your vessel requires. If you own waterfront property in Panama City, Florida, you can enhance your lifestyle with a boat lift that will make taking out your watercraft as easy as possible while also protecting it from saltwater corrosion that would otherwise require frequent upkeep to prevent. However, what if your property is situated where standard lifts can’t be used, such as a narrow canal? Are you simply out of luck? Not when you turn to DECO Boat Lifts for a boat elevator.

A boat elevator operates in a similar way to a standard lift system. The boat rest on bunk boards, which are attached to a cradle that can be lowered and raised into the water with the press of a button. However, unlike standard lift systems, a boat elevator can be mounted directly to the seawall, eliminating the need for pilings.

Boat Elevators Tailored to Your Needs

DECO Boat Lifts is proud to offer boat elevators with two distinct drive systems to meet the needs of nearly any watercraft owner. Our Maxi Lift is the ideal entry-level option, as it has a heavy-duty aluminum flat plate drive system that is incredibly reliable and capable of hoisting up to 16,000 lbs. Our Concept CRS Lift is the industry’s most advanced and comes standard with innovative features, such as a powerful direct drive that requires minimal upkeep. It is also equipped with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that significantly reduces wear to cables.

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