This Innovative Boat Elevator Can Protect Your Watercraft in Ocean Township, NJ

20,000 lb Concept CRS Elevator Lift Indulge in the exhilaration of the open waters, right from your waterfront residence in Ocean Township, New Jersey. As a proud boat owner, you’re well aware of the significance of regular upkeep to fend off hull damage caused by marine life and the relentless effects of corrosion. Enter the boat elevator—an ingenious solution that can substantially alleviate these concerns, ensuring the longevity of your vessel and giving you peace of mind.

Why Opt for a Boat Elevator?

When the conventional boat lift setup isn’t a viable option for a property, a DECO boat elevator system is often the perfect solution. Conventional cradle-style boat lifts rely on a dual arrangement of pilings stretching from the dock. But many Ocean Township properties are nestled within narrow canals, where traditional lifts might not suffice. This is where boat elevators shine. They can be mounted on one side, either to a seawall or a singular row of pilings. This adaptability makes them an ideal solution for a variety of waterfront scenarios.

Ocean Township’s Premier Boat Elevator Systems

DECO Boat Lifts’ line of boat elevator systems comes outfitted with robust drive mechanisms that can suit a variety of budgets and functional requirements. The entry-tier Maxi Lift is built around an exceptional aluminum flat plate drive system and features a remarkable lift capacity of up to 16,000 lbs.

For those in pursuit of the pinnacle of boat elevator engineering, the Concept CRS Lift is the answer. Its industry-leading direct drive system eliminates the need for high-maintenance components like belts, pulleys, or chains. Moreover, the patented Cable Retention System (CRS) comes standard with this model, fending off cable wear and further reducing maintenance.

Get More Information About Our Boat Elevators

Don’t let property limitations in Ocean Township, NJ, prevent you from fully safeguarding your boat. Contact DECO Boat Lifts today to learn more about our boat elevators.