Is a Boat Elevator Right for Your Waterfront Property in Holiday, FL?

Boat Elevator Holiday FLStoring your boat in the water requires frequent maintenance to prevent corrosion and organism growth on the hull, which is why many watercraft owners opt to have a boat lift installed. However, for some waterfront properties, including many in Holiday, Florida, standard boat hoists can be difficult or impossible to install. This is because the pilings used to support standard lifts can’t be installed due to regulations in a narrow canal or because the substrate won’t support them. For situations such as these, DECO Boat Lifts offers boat elevator systems that can be mounted directly to the seawall or a single row of pilings.

Why Choose a Boat Elevator from DECO Boat Lifts?

At DECO Boat Lifts, we offer boat elevators that are made from premium materials, including marine-grade aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance. We also offer two distinct drive systems to work with nearly any watercraft owner’s needs and budget. Our Maxi Lift, for instance, has a heavy duty aluminum flat plate drive system. With lift capacities of up to 16,000 lbs., this entry-level boat elevator is ideal for a wide range of boats.

We’re also proud to offer the industry’s most advanced boat hoist – the Concept CRS Lift. A direct drive enables this boat elevator to provide exceptionally reliable and powerful operation without the use of belts, pulleys, and chains, thereby reducing maintenance requirements. Plus, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS). Say goodbye to destructive cable overlapping and spooling, as our CRS ensures cables remain in place at all times.

For more information about the benefits of turning to DECO Boat Lifts for a boat elevator at your property in Holiday, FL, contact us today.