Innovative Boat Elevators for Waterfront Properties in Daytona Beach, FL

A white boat stored on a boat elevator that's mounted to the seawall.There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking your boat from your waterfront property in Daytona Beach and exploring Florida’s east coast. Still, you might not love the tedious maintenance required to prevent organism growth and corrosion on your vessel’s hull. By keeping your boat’s hull out of the water when not in use, a boat lift can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and protect your investment in a waterfront lifestyle. However, not all properties are set up for a traditional cradle boat lift. In these cases, a boat elevator from DECO Boat Lifts is a great solution.

When to Choose a Boat Elevator

A standard cradle boat lift is suspended from two rows of pilings that extend out from the dock. However, these can’t always be constructed, such as when a property is located in a narrow canal. Boat elevators are different in that they can be mounted on just one side, either to a single row of pilings or directly to the seawall.

Boat elevators offer the same advantages of cradle boat lifts, so you won’t have to make any sacrifices. In fact, when you choose DECO Boat Lifts, you’ll get to choose from two high-performance drive systems.

Our Maxi Lift is the perfect entry-level option. Though highly affordable, it has a heavy duty aluminum flat plate drive system capable of hoisting up to 16,000 lbs.

Additionally, we offer a boat elevator with the most advanced boat hoist drive in the industry—the Concept CRS Lift. This boat lift’s direct drive achieves exceptional power without the use of maintenance-intensive belts, pulleys, or chains. Plus, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to prevent wear to cables and reduce maintenance even further.

Learn More About Our Boat Elevators

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