Enhance Your Waterfront Lifestyle in Brick Township, NJ, with a Boat Elevator

For boating enthusiasts in Brick Township, New Jersey, DECO Boat Lifts offer state-of-the-art boat elevators. These systems safeguard your boat from damaging elements like saltwater corrosion and organism growth, making your boating experience more enjoyable and less maintenance intensive. If your waterfront property can’t accommodate conventional boat lifts, our uniquely designed boat elevators are the perfect fit.

How do Boat Elevators Work?

If your property is situated in a tight canal or where traditional piling setups are impossible, boat elevators are the innovative alternative. These systems require only a single-sided mount, either on a seawall or a single row of pilings, offering a practical solution for a broad range of waterfront properties.

Premier Boat Elevator Solutions in Brick Township

DECO Boat Lifts provides two diverse drive systems for our boat elevators, catering to a variety of needs and budgets. The Maxi Lift, our entry-level boat elevator, features a sturdy aluminum flat plate drive system. This economical option carries a significant lifting capacity of up to 16,000 lbs., without compromising on performance.

If you’re after the epitome of boat elevator technology, consider our Concept CRS Lift. This advanced boat elevator utilizes a direct drive system, eliminating the need for high-maintenance parts like belts, pulleys, or chains. Furthermore, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to avoid cable wear and significantly minimize maintenance.

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Elevate your boating lifestyle in Brick Township, New Jersey, with our top-of-the-line boat elevator systems. Don’t let spatial limitations stand in the way of optimal boat protection. Reach out to DECO Boat Lifts today to explore our exceptional boat elevator solutions.