Advantages of Aluminum Boat Lift Systems

Aluminum Boat LiftDECO Boat Lifts was among the first companies to recognize the advantages of marine grade aluminum boat lift systems in the 1970’s. When compared to steel, aluminum wins out in virtually every category for boat lift construction. For example, aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, so it consequently places less strain on various lift components such as cables and motors. It is also more resistant to the corrosive effects of a saltwater environment, which helps improve the long-term durability of lift cradles as they are repeatedly submerged. Both of these features of aluminum make it ideal for building boat lifts that are easy to maintain and are durable enough to stand up against harsh conditions found in coastal communities nationwide.

Although aluminum boat lift systems are now common, DECO Boat Lifts has continued to be a leader in creating innovative lift system features. For example, our cradles have a box-beam construction as opposed to most others on the market, which utilize I-beams. Our design not only increases the lift’s structural integrity, but also adds bi-directional support for the cradle, which results in reduced beam twisting. This helps to significantly lower maintenance costs for your lift over the long term because our box-beam design prevents the additional wear that beam twists cause. To further protect our systems’ cables, we’ve also created our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) with a deeply grooved winder and retaining guide that ensures optimal wrapping every time with no spooling or overlap. The CRS complements our lift’s box-beam construction, as both help decrease wear, resulting in better performance and less maintenance for our lifts as compared to other aluminum boat lift systems.

By always making innovation a priority, DECO Boat Lifts has maintained a position as a leader in the industry since 1959. Today, we offer lifts to meet the needs of virtually any watercraft owner, including custom options.

If you’d like to learn more about DECO Boat Lifts’ innovations or the premium aluminum boat lift systems we offer, contact us today.