How to Clean an Aluminum Boat Lift

Boat LiftOver the course of several decades, the materials and technology that go into boat lift manufacturing have evolved to make owning a lift system much more convenient. For example, whereas lift systems used to be made of steel, today they are typically made of materials that are much better suited to saltwater environments, such as marine-grade aluminum. These advances have enhanced the durability and longevity of boat lifts by making them less susceptible to corrosion and other forms of deterioration. However, to ensure the proper operation of a lift system long into the future, it will still need to be properly cleaned and maintained.

The exact maintenance requirements for your boat lift will depend on the type of lift system you own, and you should always refer to the manufacturer guidelines for proper cleaning procedures. Typically, you’ll want to rinse the cables and cradle of your lift system with fresh water after each use, as this will prevent the accumulation of abrasive salt crystals that can accelerate wear. It may also be beneficial to occasionally clean out areas that aren’t easily accessible with a hose, such as cable winders. Depending on your lift system, it may even be worth hiring a professional cleaning service.

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