The ramps you built for the Nathan Benderson Park float docks are installed and look terrific!
There should be more raves about them at the regatta this weekend.

Fit and finish of the ramps was spot on, this was very important due to the deadline of having them ready to use for the sculling competition.

Assembly time for the third ramp was around 45 minutes including the additional floatation we added. Fitting the ramps to the float dock took around than 15 minutes.
We didn’t have to do any on site adjustment for hole alignments, everything fit perfectly.

We appreciate the time and effort it took to build such a fine product, it took the concerted effort of everyone involved.  Your attention to detail is nothing short of amazing.

Glen Kinley
Ram Marine Services, Inc.


Thank you for stopping by yesterday moming. lt was good to see you and have an opportuniy to show off our new watedront addition!

Fanell Brothers Marine Construction, led by Scott and Paul Fanell, did a tremendous job and it is quite obvious that they used nothing but the best materials and products to build our beautiful new boathouse. The Deco 20,000# lift that was recommended by Scott has proven to be an excellent choice.

When I met you at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show three years ago, I had no idea that we would find this property and have one of your products installed holding “CarpeVita” quite this soon.

I have enclosed a CD with several pictures of the boathouse that I hope may be of use to you for promotional purposes. Thanks again for stopping and for the fine poductl
I hope to see you in a few weeks in Ft Lauderdale.


Dear Rich,

I wanted to thank you for your exceptional design and craftsmanship on a lift I recently installed for Mr. R. M. Lowry. Mr. Lowry wanted to put his 30’ boat and two jet skis on one lift. The 19,000 lb. lift you built works beautifully. Below is an e-mail I received from Mr. Lowry and I have included a photo of the lift also.

“Hi John. I just got to see the jet ski supports that you installed, they are absolutely perfect and work really well with the boat. I really thought the slope idea was ingenious so one jet ski floats off before the other. Several people have already remarked what a great setup this is! Thank you very much…great service!”

It’s nice to know that whenever I need something custom, no matter how big or small the job, DECO will always find a solution. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


John Ryan
Advanced Marine Construction

Dear Rich,

I have been exceedingly remiss for not sending you a note detailing my satisfaction with your company and you personally. It’s beginning to be very rare when a company can be counted on to not only provide an ex-ceedingly high quality product, but to follow up with service after the sale.. You and Deco Lifts have exceeded my expectations in every way.

Prior to making die decision to purchase your lift I inquired about a number of lifts produced by different companies. It was finally narrowed down to two companies and the thing that made the difference was the fact that I was told by the contractor that you would make sure I was satisfied after the instillation was com-pleted. He told me that other companies were unwilling to make the effort to resolve problems that made them leery of using any other companies lifts in their construction. They said you would be there to ensure a quality job that would lead to a trouble free installation, so I decided to take their advice.

I can assure you now that it was the best advice I could have received with regards to the entire project. Out of all the things that went wrong your lift was the one thing that performed flawlessly. I wish everything would have worked out as well.

I want to thank you again for the personalized attention you provided me and want you to know that if there is anything I can do to assist you please let me know.

If anyone is in a position as I was, trying to decide what company would build the best lift for their needs, have them give me a call. I believe I can set them straight and help them make the correct decision. You may provide them with our phone number and address if necessary.

Our phone number is:. (727) 733-3.302 home, or (716) 316-5151, cell number.

Best wishes for continued success and I look forward to our return to Florida in about three weeks. Maybe we can see you when we return.

Ronald E. Scindle

Dear Richard:

It has now been a couple of weeks since you have sent me a blessing in the form of your brother, George. Wow, what a master. He jumped on the lift like white on rice in a very professionalism and informative manner. He expertly straightened out all the flaws left by my dock builder as well as those done by ourselves from improper alignment of the bad motors. We did not know that the locking key had to be locked down with a set screw when I picked them up at the factory. We have had zero problems since and I am extremely happy.

Again, I want to express my sincerest and deepest thanks for your willingness to actually have your company become involved – a feature rarely seen this day and age. You can quote me on that. It is a shame that the company that installed and tried to repair the lift didn’t have the same commitment.

Capt Budd Neviaser