How to Use a Boat Lift?

Boat Lift The precise instructions for using a boat lift will depend on the type you have installed at your waterfront property as well as how you choose to customize it. However, most lift systems operate in a similar way. Typically, a boat lift will be built into pilings, although there is an alternative – called a boat elevator – that can be attached directly to the seawall in areas where pilings can’t be used. The lift system has a cradle that supports the boat from underneath. This type of lift is not to be confused with boat davits, which are crane-like devices that lift watercrafts via cables attached toward the bow and stern of a vessel.

Boat lifts have a motor, allowing the cradle to be lowered and raised easily with the press of a button. To take a boat out onto the water, simply lower the vessel until it is floating freely and no longer in contact with the bunk boards supporting it. The bunk boards should be left submerged when you leave the dock. Upon returning, simply stop the vessel above the bunk boards and raise your lift until the hull of your vessel is above the waterline. Not only does this storage option make docking and departure a fast and hassle-free experience, it will protect your vessel from many common sources of damage, such as saltwater corrosion, organism growth on the hull, and impacts from stray debris on the water during inclement weather.

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