The all in one standard in lift technology.


DECODECO’s patented Cable Retention System – CRS
The only cable management system that effectively prevents destructive cable spooling and overlap. It features the deepest grooved winder in the industry; 1/4” deep grooves allow the 5/16” diameter cable to sit almost flush within the grooves. This is coupled with a high density plastic retaining clip that encapsulates half of the diameter of the cable winder. This combination keeps the cables locked into the grooves even when there is not any tension on the cable. Our revolutionary system saves you from the headaches involved with trying to reestablish proper cable wrapping after unspooling or overlapping occurs. It even saves you money in the long run by extending the life of the cables which results in less frequent cable changes. Your boat lifting experience becomes hassle free when you choose CRS on your next boat lift!


  • DECO Direct Drive Angled Gear Box is designed to be self-locking
  • Maintenance free, no pulleys, no belts
  • Heavy duty bronze worm gears are mounted in a sealed T6061 marine grade machined aluminum housing.
  • DECO gears are fully enclosed and continuously lubricated in an oil-bath environment.
  • Produces an industry leading lift speed of 4.0 ft/min. on up to a 6,000 lb. capacity and 2.0 ft./min. on up to 30,000 lb.
Standard Features

  • Superior Aluminum Box Beam Construction.  A DECO Exclusive!
  • Concept Direct Drive Gearboxes.
    The Boat lift Industry’s Most Advanced Drive System.  Extreme Power with No Chains, Belts or Pulleys! Delivers Fast, Quiet, Operation, with Drive Gears Fully Enclosed and Sealed in an Oil Bath!
  • DECO’s Patented Cable Retention System (CRS).  Another DECO Exclusive!
  • Stainless Steel Motors.
  • Aluminum & High Density Plastic Chock System. For a custom fit to your hull! A DECO Exclusive!
Optional Features and Upgrades:

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control with Auto Stop
  • Full Length Aluminum Bunks
  • 5’ Aluminum Stern Service Platform
  • Aluminum Walkways
  • Aluminum Walkway Steps: 3’, 4’, 5’
  • Aluminum Fish Cleaning Table
  • 7’ Aluminum Sliding Step Ladder

  •   4,000 lbs
  •   6,000 lbs
  • 10,000 lbs
  • 13,000 lbs
  • 16,000 lbs
  • 20,000 lbs – 6 Pole
  • 20,000 lbs – 4 Pole
  • *25,000 lbs – 6 Pole
  • *25,000 lbs – 8 Pole
  • *30,000 lbs – 8 Pole
  • *40,000 lbs – 8 Pole
  • *Remote Control included on 25K, 30K, 40K Lifts

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